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Why Amanah?

Amanah Academy N.A.F has been established since 2005 as an elementary school from JKS to Grade-8. Alhamdolillah we have got registration for the high school in 2011, since than we are successfully running Grade-9 to Grade-12 as well.

With so many Islamic schools established in the GTA, one would definitely ask himself, which school should I choose for my children, and of course why?

Well, that’s a big question, since it’s a great decision to make when choosing the right school for your children.

Central Location

By the Grace and Mercy of Allah, again and again, Amanah recently moved to a more centered location for the convenience of the students, parents and drivers. The recent location: 1160 Birchmount Road in Scarborough can still easily be accessed by most of the drivers without having to take the busy 401 Highway! This way the students are able to arrive at school on time, and are not deprived of missing even a minute of the assembly! A very great loss if they fail to attend!

Focus on Tarbiyyah

At Amanah Academy we give a very great deal of importance to the tarbiyyah (correct upbringing, morals and values) of the children. Though some of the policies in regards to the childrens’ tarbiyyah might not seem too easy-to-abide-by for the students, however there is immense hikmat (wisdom) in keeping the children adherent to the true teachings of Allah (SWT), the Holy Prophet (SAW) and the Shar’iyyah, which are acknowledged by those parents who have a true desire to protect their children.

Whether it’s the students’ language which is very closely monitored, or their dressing, or even the manner in which they socialize with one another, Amanah takes very key steps in insuring our children are different from students of other schools.

“An effort is made to create a sound Islamic environment at the school, thus enabling students to develop pure Islamic identities within themselves.” (Abu & Umme Maryam, Senior Kindergarten student)


Amanah wishes to instill the love of Deen into the heart of every child, and as such, encouragement is given on a daily basis on the different ways, practices and traditions of the Holy prophet (SAW). The first item on the daily agenda is the recitation of the Holy Qur’aan by one of the senior students, followed immediately by targheeb (encouragement) which is given by one of the scholars from the school faculty.

Overseen by Ulamaa

“The reason we preferred Amanah Academy over all other institutions and moved to the East end (of the GTA) from the West end is just because of its commitment towards the true teaching of Islamin its authentic way; guided and closely supervised by the Ulamaa-e-Haqq. Another major reason we continue to prefer Amanah Academy is because of the dedication of its pious & caring teachers and staff members who understand the importance of Tarbiyyah and take this matter as a means to earn the pleasure of Allah (SWT) and not as a trade.”

Abu and Umme Nadirah, Grade 3 Student

“Both the teachers and management emphasize on Sunnah and practically ensure that the children do so as well”

 Abu Saad and Hamza, Grade 3 and SK Students

SO, like we can see from the above, Amanah is making every effort in instilling these values into their students via their staff members. Every teacher, irrespective of their status or professional qualifications must make it his/her or responsibility to integrate the correct values into their subjects. Even a small reminder during each academic class about the Greatness of Allah (SWT), Finality of the Holy Prophet (SAW) and the vastness of the life hereafter can leave a great impression on the student by the teacher.

To make a long story short, insha Allah, after choosing Amanah Academy, you’ve entrusted your children into good hands!